More Mathematica Fun for Memorial Day

May 30th, 2011 by erb

Mathematica Users LinkedIn contributor Sol Lederman posted a Mathematica Programming Contest on his Playing with Mathematica blog this weekend for Memorial Day:

Draw the US Flag in Mathematica. To be eligible to win you should get the colors roughly right as well as the number of stars and stripes. I’ll give extra points if your flag has creases in it, as if it were flapping in the wind. I’ll give double extra brownie points if you create an animated GIF of your Mathematica US flag flapping in the wind.

US Flag

So I did just that!

The Mathematica notebook is available, as is the Computable Document Format file, and a PDF file.

(CDF files are a new format from Wolfram Research, allowing you to actually load and interact with Mathematica notebooks on your own computer, with the free downloadable CDF Player.)

4 Responses to “More Mathematica Fun for Memorial Day”

  1. erb Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1 wrote on 05/30/11 at 2:37 am :

    I’ll make the .nb and .cdf available AFTER Sol’s Tuesday deadline… Though the PDF file is available (as it doesn’t show the code).

  2. erb Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox 4.0.1 wrote on 05/30/11 at 9:04 pm :



    e E



    A B C D E A
    A e c B a d C b e D c a E d b A

    A D B E C
    A e D c B a E d C b
    (AB,CD) (DE,AB) (BC,DE) (EA,BC) (CD,EA)
    12,34 45,12 23,45 51,23 34,51
    12 45 23 51 34
    1 4 2 5 3
    34 12 45 23 51
    3 1 4 2 5

  3. Playing With Mathematica » Blog Archive » Contest submissions received, judging underway WordPress 3.1.3 wrote on 06/1/11 at 3:31 pm :

    […] Eric Brodeur […]

  4. Mike Croucher Ubuntu Linux Mozilla Firefox 3.6.17 wrote on 06/3/11 at 8:18 am :

    Cool flag!

    You can embed .cdf files in your web pages. See the tutorial


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