ChezBrodeur Monthly Game Night!

What: Cranium, and other social party games

When: 2nd Saturday of every month, 8:00 — ??:00

Where: ChezBrodeur, Champaign IL

Contact: (217) 954-1212

Once a month, come over for an evening of board games, food, drink, and fun at ChezBrodeur! Hang with old friends, make new friends, and relax playing board games.

As the organizer, the only requirement I make is that Cranium needs to be played at least once!

Oh, and one other requirement: Have Fun! This is a fun social game night. By all means be competitive — Malaika always is! — but Have Fun while doing so.

If you have a new (or old) game you'd like to bring, feel free ...
Keep in mind, this is not a "gamer's" game night, with role playing or strategy games, but rather just fun social party board games, such as Apples to Apples, Scruples, Taboo, Dirty Minds — or Malaika's favorite, The 80's Game! (Trivia)


There is a Bulletin Board / Forum page setup to announce upcoming event info, attendance, discuss your favorite games, suggest games to play, whatever...

Cranium Games

Cranium is the outrageous, award-winning board game packed with something-for-everyone fun! Whether you're an aspiring actor, artist, data hound or wordsmith, Cranium gives you a chance to shine.
Cranium brings families and friends together — after dinner, at parties, on rainy afternoons. When you play Cranium, you'll use your brain in ways you never imagined and find yourself doing the unexpected.

The original award-winning board game! Sketch, sculpt, solve puzzles, act, hum and answer questions. Perfect for parties, reunions, after dinner, vacations -- anytime! Each game lasts about an hour -- hilarity guaranteed.

The new edition of the smash-hit Cranium game with 46% more shouting, 84% more fun, and 100% more percentages! Featuring 15 activities, 600 all-new cards, and collectible, customizable movers -- with hats!

Upcoming Dates:

Past Dates:

Allergy Warning: As some of you know, we are pets central with six cats and two dogs. As always, we'll do our best to dedander the house, and the cats will (probably) be locked up, but take your allergy medicine as needed!

Props: Cathy, Christine, Miranda, and Raye were the organizers of the original Seattle Game Night, which were always a great time. One of the things I missed the most after moving, and I've wanted to start a Cranium night here almost since the first day! I have a high bar to meet...

Feeling Creative? How about making your own Custom Cranium Cards?

Disclaimer: This page is completely unaffiliated with Hasbro or Cranium! I'm just using their familiar layout and CSS from the Cranium site for personal home use, as a tribute to the Cranium game.