ChezBrodeur Pet Site

Update History:

This is just an index site for storing links to info and pictures of our pets (6 cats and 2 dogs). Don't worry, nothing cheesy here (yet!). Though we do keep bouncing around the idea of taking pictures for a Kitty Porn site to generate a little exxxtra cash on the side...


Whoopie's been around the longest -- Malaika rescued her way back in her college years in the Hyde Park area.

Nico and Zoe

We adopted these two sisters from Kitty Angels around Fall of 1999.


Next came Smuttynose, who Eric fell in love with and couldn't leave without! Also from Kitty Angels (hmm, anyone see a pattern here?).

Our new kittens!

A Link to a page for our new kittens, Lily & Gromit. We adopted them from Kitty Angels and added them to our family on ?? jul 2001.

Ripley and Oscar

Finally, our two Golden Retrievers, Ripley and Oscar, who have the same parents but are a year apart (different litters, duh). Here's a link to the Ripley and Oscar page, with info and pictures.

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