Lisa Visits Maine November 06

Our niece Lisa came up for Thanksgiving and left on Saturday after.  Everyone had a good time, and Betty had someone to go to the New Christmas Tree Shop in Augusta with.  We shot a few photos.

New house addition is nearly done!

After almost 15 years in this house we have finally added a 4 seasons/sunroom and a half bath.  We love it.  We had a general contractor build it for us then we did all the inside work ourselves.  All that is left is to put vertical blinds in and the heating system will be installed in November.  We have really enjoyed the project. Here’s a direct link to all of our home improvement photos. There’s also individual albums for different groups of photos:

  • 2005.09.28 – House pictures, before all the changes.
  • 2006.07.10 – The digging starts. Lay your foundations…
  • 2006.07.11 – Lots of concrete… and walls!
  • 2006.07.14 – Dirt for the ground, and wood for the walls. The cat approves.
  • 2006.08.03 – Almost finished! Outside,anyway.
  • 2006.08.17 – Lots of interior work.
  • 2006.10.15 – Decorated and ready for the cat!

Hello world!