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Quiet Bars

From LJ Memories

Crane Alley

  • I would say Crane Alley in Urbana. It has a non-smoking section which is considerably less smokey.
  • Crane Alley is one of my favorite places. Too bad it's so pricey! Personally I'd prefer to pay the extra money, but the husband's friends? Eh, not so much.
  • crane alley is really nice - and as far as your criteria go, other than price range it does sound like the place although for my standards i'd consider it right on the borderline of being a fullfledged restaurant that has a bar as opposed to the other way around.
  • Etc, etc, etc — seems wide agreement on this one.

Bentley's Pub

  • MySpace page.
  • Bentley's is actually really, really wonderful. It has a beer selection comparable to Blind Pig's, and really, no one has ever heard of it -- which is kinda unfortunate since it's a very chill and yet a very warm-hearted pub.

Iron Post

One place that probably didn't get mentioned because it does get kind of smoky depending on who is there is [htt[:// The Iron Post]. It is also in downtown urbana, just around the corner from crane alley. Crowdedness varies depending on who is there and who is playing as well. They do have food (if that is a factor) though nothing like crane alley's repertoire - it is in a lower price range - stuff like hambergers, hotdogs, soup, mini pizzas, stuff like that. fairly large range of music (if you're looking for that) - jazz, rock, cajun even...When a bears game is on (if nothing else is going on) it is pretty sport oriented - but there are people who go there just to sit and talk too.


  • boltini in downtown champaign is kind of lounge-ish. I havent been there, but it looks real nice, you can get alcohol, i dont know if they serve food, and seems to cater more towards relaxing and having a drink than being in a loud bar type situation.
  • However, multiple complaints about the music being excessively loud...

Cowboy Monkey

  • Outside ... but it can get very crowded and noisy at night.


  • On campus, Murphy's, Legend's, and White Horse
  • Off campus, Crane Alley, The Office ... Green Street CafĂ© on Locust and Green is really good, but as a hookah bar, I'm not sure if the smoke would be too much.
    • Erb: Aside: Just read (June 20 2008) that The Office is close(ing?
  • Jupiters

Live Show Bars

  •  ?


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