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  • eric: check out the web site, looks pretty awesome! Largely canine focused, not sure if they do cats, although they do mention on site "Small animal medicine and surgery" (?)
  • SPORTSVET Animal Medical Center is the first specialized veterinary practice of its kind in Central Illinois. It is the only center in this region that provides high-quality veterinary medicine and surgery along with canine rehabilitation. The staff is dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by delivering excellent service, quality pet care, and furnishing multiple services in a comfortable, clean, and enjoyable atmosphere at competitive prices.
  • Our new facility is located on Route 45 in Savoy, just a short drive South of Champaign.
  • 1323 North Dunlap Ave., Savoy, IL 61874, (217) 355-1442, Fax (217) 355-2508, E-mail:
  • We offer a variety of veterinary and rehabilitation services including:
      • Annual wellness examinations
      • Vaccinations
      • Internal Medicine
      • Dermatology
      • Dentistry
      • In-house laboratory
      • Radiology
      • Spay/Neuters
      • Internal surgery
      • Orthopedic surgery
      • Certified in the Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO)
      • Dentistry
      • In-house laboratory
      • Radiology
      • Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy
      • Slocum Enterprises

Pet Food


Animal Outfitters

  • 1323 N. Dunlap, Savoy, IL 61874 (217) 355-4770

Prairieland Feeds

  • 205 S. Dunlap St, Rt45, Savoy, IL 61874 (217) 352-2232
  • Yes, it looks like a box store. But it is the largest locally owned pet food & supply place in the Champaign Urbana area. Huge selection (feed for cats to fish to horses) - reasonable prices and very knowledgeable staff. You want hay or straw? Heck - they've got it. Designer doggie treats (coughgagcough)? Yep - they've got those too.

Pet Sitters

Extracted from LJ Chambana Cat sitting article:

  • Your pet's best friend:
    • Jeff - is really great.
    • Although a followup comment: I tried contacting him to make an appointment, and he never e-mailed back. Not cool. We went with Future Vet instead and are happy with her. Since she is a vet student, she'd definitely be able to administer meds.
  • Future Pet:
    • There is a group of Vet students that pet sit and are really good. You can contact Sarah Landers at sspann at or at 217-766-6865. Just tell them that CATSNAP ( gave you the info.
  • Animal Hospital in Monticello: We've been happy with Animal Hospital in Monticello. It's cheap, and they give our cat her twice-daily insulin shots. It's a bit of a drive from CU, but not bad. 762-2144.
  • C-U Pet Sitting Service:
    • Janus Woods. She is FABULOUS! Her email is janusw at yahoo dot com. I will admit she is slightly pricey but she is worth every penny. Hell, she even mowed our yard when we were gone and it got super long and didn't charge us extra for it. She will leave a very detailed note about each visit and is extremely accessible via email. In fact, the only time I call her is to leave the "we're home" message on her machine.
    • I've also used Jeff at Your Pet's Best Friend and I was less than impressed with him. He did a fine job, but if I needed meds administered or had any super special instructions I would go with Janus in a heartbeat.
    • We're moving in less than a month and I'm terrified I will never find another pet sitter as great as Janus. She is highly, highly recommended.


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