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My User:Erb/Resume

To Do

  • malaika bday invites
  • Finish porting help pages, edits
  • "appleii disk" computer mods, move...
  • integrate photos? or at least a link?
  • cds, dvds collection
    • either embedded wiki page, or standalone python app to generate a page dynamically from MySQL database
    • google, investigate tools (SQL, Python, PHP, want an app that can be used both for entering data, editing data, as well as extracting and generating / presenting data as web page)
  • "The Novel"
    • how? start as barebones skeleton outline, and flesh it out?
    • want protected write access
  • My Links
    • by category? political, personal, etc.
  • My Resume
  • site-wide css design
  • need a simplified, quick-loading, quick-formatting personal custom erblog format
  • My CSS Cheatsheet page
  • User:Malaika's Cheatsheet page
  • Put these "Cheatsheet" pages in common userspace? title=Cheatsheet:Something ?

Random Logo

From wikitech-l:

Hi developers,
would it be possible to make a function Template:CURRENTSECOND, in order to be
able to have a sort of random function. What I wat to do is the following: I
want to give the protal I've build a random logo. ll make several logo's
and have one popped-up randomly. With a function Template:Currentsecond this
would be possible.
Another request, way much less important is whether one could refresh the
speciaal:wantedpages in the Dutch wiki (nl). Thanks for listening

And the response:

It might make more sense to install the random selection extension
(<>) so
you can do this without having to make lots of new pages. See and for examples of the
extension in use.


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